Rev. Luis A. Rivero, J.C.L.


Mrs.Stephanie Murphy



Mrs. Alina Martinez

Tuition Manager

Mrs. Gredys Grable 

Administrative Assistant/Front Office

Mr. Francisco Utrera

IT Specialist

Early Childhood Education

Mrs. Carmita Kalis

Kindergarten Aide

Mrs. Ferlady Rodenas


Ms. Rosanna Ramos


Ms. Carmita Kalis

Teacher Assitant-Pre-K

Mrs. Gladys Schweser

Teacher Assistant Pre-K

Elementary Education

Tatyana Rodriguez

1st Grade

Mrs. Evelyn Hopson

Teacher Assistant

Ms. Melissa Metcalf

2nd Grade

Ms. Elizabeth Bawidamann

Teacher Assistant

Ms. Aileen J Romero

3rd Grade

Ms. Geisy Sanchez

4th Grade

Joseph Suarez

5th Grade

Mrs. Barabara Anta

Elementary Teacher Assistant 

Middle School Education

Mr, Joseph Suarez

5th Grade Homeroom,

5th-8th Grade Social Studies

Tristen Short

6th Grade Homeroom, Religion

Mr. Daniel Munsey

Science &

7th Grade Homeroom

Mr. Alexander Sanchez

8th Grade Homeroom and Middle School Mathematics

Mrs. Wendy Lockard

 English Language Arts &

8th Grade Homeroom

Special Subject Areas

Mrs. Karen Doyle


Mr. Rafael Villalobos Socorro

Physical Education,

Athletic Director & Dean of Students

Mrs. Maria Gutierrez de Pineres


Mr. Silas Saunders



St Jerome Catholic School employs or contracts teachers who hold baccalaureate or higher degrees and who are professionally certified or in the certification process.

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