At St. Jerome Catholic School, we provide our students with a thorough, faith centered, and high standard curriculum. As our Mission Statement states:


Saint Jerome Catholic School builds upon our legacy of a Christ-centered family that emphasizes an engaging educational experience combining the values of our Catholic tradition, while preparing students to succeed spiritually and intellectually in a global society.


With the implementation of iPads and interactive boards in our classrooms as tools to enhance the student’s educational experience, students go above and beyond their expectations.


At St Jerome it is important to meet the expected standards in all subject areas while differentiating instruction to meet the needs of our students. We have a learning center that allows excel at their own pace. We also use whole group and small group based learning methods.


Our Catholic faith and identity plays a huge role in our school daily. Catholic identity is lived through prayer, weekly liturgies, teaching and exemplifying of our beliefs. We believe in an interdisciplinary approach across the board where students can understand that our faith is part of all academic disciplines.

Our Middle school students compete at various Archdiocesan High School academic and scholastic competitions and take top places in various disciplines. By the time our students leave our school, some already have high school credits in math through our early bird math partnership with Saint Thomas Aquinas High School. As they enter high school as a freshmen they will have an upperclassmen status in math allowing them to take advanced math courses.


Ultimately, our goal at St. Jerome Catholic School is prepare the whole child as they progress through the years to enter the higher academic world and become compassionate and intellectual members of society.

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