The Dress Code applies to all grades, Pre-K-3 through 8th grade. Please mark all personal items - PE clothes, Jackets, Shirts, etc. with name labels or other form of identification and help your child learn to exercise responsibility and concern for all of their possessions and those of the school. Students should search the Lost and Found and other areas of the school before concluding that another person has taken their belongings.


Students and teachers need to concentrate on the teaching/learning process. In order to be sure they can focus on learning in the classroom it is important to have as few distractions as possible. Proper uniforms can help to create that focus. Students have the responsibility to dress neatly and to be clean and well groomed. The parent has the responsibility to check that each child is in complete uniform and prepared for class. The teacher has the right and responsibility to ask the student to dress in proper uniform and to remove from the student anything that will violate the Uniform Code. Parents may be called to bring in proper uniform and the school reserves the right to send a child home. P.E. uniform is required on all physical education days. Your child’s teacher will inform you of the schedule for P.E. during the first week of school. All students will wear their P.E. uniform to school for the entire day. Students who do not wear their regular SJS uniform will be issued a uniform infraction.


No P.E. uniforms are won on Fridays, only formal uniforms are worn to Mass.



No makeup is permitted. No fingernail treatment or colored polish is allowed.



Haircuts are to be conservative in nature and should be well groomed at all times. If hair is inappropriate, parents will be notified and the child may be sent home. If not corrected within 2 school days, Administration may send the student home until the corrections is made. Bandanas and scarves are never permitted. Final determinations on appropriate hair will be made by the Administration.



Hair that covers the eyes, extends past the ears,  and extends past the collar is not permissible for boys. Extreme styles for boys are NOT permitted. These include, but may not be limited to spikes, fades, tails, totally shaved, dyed, buzz cuts, Mohawks, ponytails and braids. Boys who are shaving must be clean shaven at all times. Use of #2 or #3 shaver is acceptable. No mustaches or long sideburns are permitted. Hair must not be worn “shaggy” or long over eyebrows and ears.



No coloring or bleaching or highlighting with any products. Excessive braids are also not permitted. Headbands, ribbons or hair ties should not contain wording symbols and refrain from being overly distracting.



Not allowed, whether temporary permanent.



No large earrings, choker chains or larger link necklaces. One gold or silver religious necklace, a watch, and one ring allowed.  No cloth or woven type bracelets or necklaces. No necklaces or bracelets made out of shells, beads, and plastic, etc. Boys may not wear earrings.


Note: Ear piercing only one in lower lobe. Only one earrings is permitted in each lower lobe. No cartilage piercing (no band aid to cover up piercing). - No body piercing, no dangling earrings or hoops, no choker necklaces. Failure to comply with piercing rules will result in a detention. Any other jewelry will be confiscated and returned to a parent. The school is not responsible for the loss or damage of any times, including jewelry or accessories.


General guidelines

The length of jumpers, dresses, skirts, shorts or culottes must be no shorter than three inches from the middle of the knee.



Only St. Jerome Catholic School outwear,  jackets, sweaters, windbreakers and warm-up suits must be worn for cooler days.



All students are required to carry a backpack to school every day. Backpacks can be any color. Backpacks symbolizing war, violence or non-Catholic views are Not Permitted. No Stickers.

Lunch Boxes

Plain/solid colored lunch boxes are preferred. Lunch boxes with pictures symbolizing war or violence are not permitted.


Boys-solid black, navy, or white socks 
Girls- knee high navy socks (1-8 grade) 
Only solid black, navy, or white socks for P.E. days 

Hair Accessories

Only navy, white, or black hair accessories

Mass Attire

Boys in full-length pants
No jackets, sweaters, or outerwear

Girl's Skirts

Knee length


See sample pictures below
Sperrys- leather brown, tan, or navy (Kindergarten-Grade 8)
Sneakers or tennis shoes may only be worn on P.E. Days 


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