St.  Jerome Catholic School is accredited by the Florida Catholic Conference, the accrediting agency for the Catholic schools in Florida. To be accredited, every school must meet very rigorous standards in curriculum, physical facilities, and professional staff credentials. Every seven years a new accreditation begins, thus assuring that the school maintains these standards and is constantly striving to improve.

St. Jerome School Re-accreditation Visitation took place this past February 8th through 10th, 2012. The school is extremely proud of its commendations and overall report from the FCC Visitation Team.  These are just a few of the comments we received by the Visitation team:


 “It was a pleasure to experience first-hand the excellence of the school, its people, and its programs.  We congratulate all of you on your commitment to quality education and the interaction between the life of the parish and the school.  You are a living embodiment of your school’s Mission Statement and its commitment to the advancement of the fullness of student potential.”


“The Visiting Team found St. Jerome School to be an excellent school, where the administration, faculty, and staff, are committed to the spiritual academic and personal needs of its students.  There was evidence of great pride.  A contagious family spirit and a commitment to participation and involvement were most evident.  Students are well-mannered, friendly, articulate, enthusiastic, and service-oriented.  They appreciate the family foundation of the school and the individual concern exhibited by the administration and their teachers.”

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