Sacrament of Marriage

Step 1

  • Stop by the rectory and Complete Marriage Application

  • Provide a recent copy of your Baptismal Certificates (both the bride and groom, with Notations) dated within a Six (6) month period.

  • Provide Government Issued I.D.’s

  • If you live within the parish boundaries of St. Jerome and wish to celebrate your marriage beyond the territory of the Archdiocese of Miami you must complete all the requirements, as if you were marrying in St. Jerome. In turn these documents will be sent to the (Arch)Diocese in which you wish to marry.

  • If you are not a registered member of St. Jerome, provide a letter of permission from your local parish, for both parties. If both you and your fiancé live within different parish boundaries you should obtain a letter of permission each.

  • If your local parish is located outside of the Archdiocese of Miami all paperwork is to be completed in your local (Arch)Diocese and a Litterae Testimoniales or Nihil Obstat must be completed and sent to the Archdiocese of Miami by the (Arch)Diocese in which you reside. Please consult your local parish.


Step 2

  • Upon completion of the pre-requisites, mentioned above, you will proceed to meet with the priest. Please call our rectory to schedule a meeting.

    • Please note that the sacramental marriage requires a six (6) month preparation period and NO arrangements should be made until the marriage file is completed.

  • At the meeting with the priest, after you’ve been given an appointment, you will proceed to complete the following:

    • Pre-Nuptial Questionnaire

    • Witness Forms (Form B) Two for the bride and Two for the groom will be given to you so that family, or friends from infancy, may fill them out and have them notarized.

    • Fully Engaged.

    • Marriage Preparation Course.

    • Deposit for the Tentative Wedding date

Upon the completion and fulfillment of these requirements the wedding date will be selected depending on the availability of the Church. It is then that you may proceed to make all the necessary arrangements upon approval of the priest.

  • Please note that this is assuming that there have not been previous marriages (neither in the Church nor Civilly). If you or your fiancé has been married previously (in the Church or Civilly) we must determine the freedom to marry during the initial interview of step 2.

  • Also note that Parishioners are given priority.

  • All correspondence and dialogue will be directly with the couple to be married. NOT WITH FAMILY MEMBERS OR FRIENDS.